Baba Ramdev Patanjali Condoms and Price

Patanjali condom

Patanjali Ayurveda is expanding fast each day. It has released many FMCG products and recently also launched Patanjali jeans. This is a humorous account of what would happen if Baba Ramdev Patanjali Condoms are release in India and what would be the Patanjali condoms price:

Sex is the closest physical contact two people can have.

Though sex is fun, unsafe sex can lead to transfer of sexually transmitted diseases and cause unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms of foreign companies like Kohinoor, manforce etc contain lubricants and chemicals for longer pleasure. Though using them seems good for short term, contact of penis and vagina with those chemicals can cause harm in the long term.

Also, these condoms protect from pregnancy only by acting as a wall between male and female sex organs.

Therefore to counter them, baba Ramdev launched Patanjali condoms. Here is my review and price of these condoms.

Patanjali condoms and price

The condoms are pure herbal and made from natural products. In a speech, Baba Ramdev said that the exposure of skin with the plastic is bad for the skin. Therefore, these condoms are made up of soft flexible wood material.

Condom ingredients

Neem                                               Azadirachta indica

Haldi Chandan                             rhizomatous herbaceous

Sweetness of amla murabba      Phyllanthus Emblica

Ashwagandha                                Withania somniferous

Shatavari                                         Asparacgus racemose

P.S.: You can also try Patanjali beer if you wish too.

Patanjali condoms Price

Patanjali condoms are very cheap as compared to condoms of other brands. A pack of condoms consisting of 10 condoms costs just Rs 50.

Condom Flavours

The condoms are available in mainly 4 flavors:

  1. Pudina
  2. Sweetie (Honey)
  3. Spicy (Bitter gourd i.e. Karela)
  4. Sour (lemon)

All the condoms are thoroughly tested before dispatch to avoid any chances of pregnancy.

Patanjali condoms
Patanjali condom after been used

Patanjali condoms manufacturing

The condoms are manufactured at Kalpanik Factory, Kalpanik Nagar, Kalpanikisthan. More than 500 imaginary people are employed in the plant who manufacture lakhs of imaginary condoms each day.

P.S: This is an attempt at humor and no Patanjali condoms as such exist as on today. 

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