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patanjali cow ghee

There is no denying that Baba Ramdev is a tactful businessman. And the way he bagged on his image of an acclaimed yoga guru to establish his Ayurvedic brand, Patanjali, will remain one of the most well-planned business ventures for a really long time. Maybe this is the reason why Patanjali products (especially Patanjali cow ghee) are so popular among the masses, as they not only have superior quality and low prices ( Patanjali ghee 1kg price is just Rs 560!) but they also get the advantage of the faith that Baba Ramdev has created in people’s hearts for himself and his Ayurvedic brand.

patanjali ghee

The Patanjali Ghee Ad – The Strength of a Champion.

Patanjali, as a brand boasts of the fact that its products are traditional and have their roots in the rich Indian Ayurvedic heritage. One such product marketed entirely on these lines is the Patanjali Cow Ghee. The advertisement for Patanjali ghee aired on national television begins with the scene of a traditional Indian kitchen where an old lady is preparing a meal using Patanjali ghee. There are simultaneous shots of Olympic-winning wrestler Sushil Kumar in his rigorous practice session. While the narrator asserts that Patanjali pure ghee gives you the strength of a champion.

If you analyze this ad bit by bit you will realize that it touches all the strings of a perfect Patanjali product. Tradition, nutrition, trust,
purity, strength, power, faith – it has all of it. And it shouldn’t be surprising at all if I tell you that a majority of customers associate Patanjali ghee with this same set attributes.

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The Patanjali Trust.

Customers confessed that the most important factor that drew them towards Patanjali ghee was trust. They used the product once and after that, no product could match their expectations. Because Patanjali ghee tastes exactly like home-made ghee, they said.

Another consumer said that most brands mix Dalda, fats or butter in their ghee but with Patanjali, we can be sure of the quality. They believe that Patanjali ghee does not contain any chemicals or preservatives as stated in the packaging. Therefore it has no side-effects. Others said that its thick, granulated texture, bright yellow color, and slightly sweet aroma are all proofs of its purity.

Benefits of Pure Ghee

The rich taste of Patanjali ghee along with its nutritional and medicinal value makes it the first choice for not just traditional Indian dishes but even for daily meals.Its excellent for stir-frying as well. A consumer who happens to be an Ayurvedic enthusiast, while enumerating the benefits of ghee said that it fulfills the body’s daily requirement for fats, aids digestion, strengthens bones, helps build a strong immune system and also promotes memory retention. Ayurveda states that ghee is highly advisable for pregnant women and kids. A consumer told that she applies Patanjali ghee for glowing, radiant skin. Patanjali gheePatanjali ghee 1 kg price can also be used as massaging oil for infants. Patanjali ghee becomes all the more irresistible after knowing these numerous and multifaceted health benefits of good quality ghee.

The Affordable Price of Patanjali Ghee.

Another plus-point of Patanjali cow ghee is its affordable and economical price. Patanjali ghee is available in the market in two sizes – 500mL and 1L packets. Patanjali ghee 500mL packet costs rupees 290, while Patanjali ghee 1L packet costs rupees 560. The product is an absolute value-for-money. A satisfied consumer of Patanjali ghee went on to say that like all Patanjali products, Patanjali ghee is a product made by keeping the Indian middle class in mind. Patanjali ghee is cheaper than a few of its rivals like Kilimom and Organic Ghee India, which also market themselves as 100% pure ghee.

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The Complaints and Allegations.

Though some people firmly believe that pure cow ghee cannot be prepared industrially at the rates offered by Patanjali. These people are of the notion that companies like Patanjali have replaced less yielding indigenous cows with hybrid cows, changed their diet to fat
based diet (like fat cake), and also made use of production enhancing injections- which therefore cannot produce “pure” ghee.

If you are thinking that the journey has been all rosy for Patanjali ghee then let me tell you that it has also had its share of allegations and accusations. In a recently filed case, a resident of Haridwar, Uttrakhand claimed to have found traces of fungus in Patanjali ghee. Officials of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India collected samples of the product for testing, whose results will be declared soon. All this while Patanjali was immovable in its stand that it is a false accusation and that such a mistake cannot take place in their well-managed production and processing system.

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Other than the above case the only other negative review that the
product received in fair numbers was complaints regarding its not-so-pleasant smell. Some customers said that its aroma is very hard and difficult to ignore. Surprisingly a few customers pointed the same factor as a plus-point.

Patanjali ranked 15th in Brand Trust Report 2017

In spite of the minor complaints and allegations, Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has jumped onto the 15th position in the latest Indian Brand Trust Report 2017.

This feat would have been unimaginable without the enormous faith that the customers have shown in Patanjali ever since its genesis. The trust in the brand Patanjali is persuading people to use the various Patanjali products and the quality and effective pricing of these products are further strengthening the people’s faith in the brand. Thus it’s an action-reaction kind of process which will continue as long as Patanjali manages to keep its quality standards high and its prices affordable. I agree that not all people will share the same view but as of now the statistics certainly prove that a vast majority thinks on similar lines.

And as for the ghee market, Patanjali ghee has good market share and unbending trust of the consumers which shall remain intact for a long time.

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